AWAREMI-TAI Roster as of 04/01/2023



Lives and works in Tokyo.

Sometimes refers to himself as the Captain of the Awalemi Corps.

He is in charge of the AWAREMI-TAI OnTheWeb website. He is a perfectionist and a lazy person at the same time. He is a big beer drinker and never misses a day of drinking beer, but it has taken a toll on his health and he has made a 180 degree turn to a life without drinking since March 2013.



Lives and works in Hiroshima.

He loves the Hiroshima Carp baseball team. On his way home, he was once reported in the newspaper for being hunted by an old man.

Since he lives far away from Tokyo, where the ringleader of the Awaremitai project (Okaden) lives, he rarely appears in Awaremitai projects. However, he actively participates in the events held in Hiroshima, such as the Masui Pilgrimage.

He uses a thick Hiroshima dialect.



Lives and works in Tokyo.

He is the most rationalistic and pragmatic person in Awalemi-tai, and is unique. For this reason, he often does not participate in Awalemi-tai’s ridiculous projects.

Has lived and worked abroad. After 2 years in Bangkok, worked in Jakarta and returned to Japan. During his high school years, he was fascinated by French philosophy such as Deleuze and Guattari. He had declared, “Japan is no more, I’m going to escape to France,” but his escape from Japan was realized in a different way.



Lives and works in Aichi Prefecture.

He is the man with the highest participation rate in planning projects, taking advantage of his light footwork and his location in Aichi. He is often assigned to one of the two roles: Shibucho is in charge of planning the outline of the AWAREMI-TAI project, and Okaden is in charge of deciding the detailed rules.

Until now, his beloved Mazda Demio had served as the “AWAREMI-TAI approved car,” but now that it has retired from service, the position of “AWAREMI-TAI approved car” is vacant. He loves to drive.

The family as a whole does not drink alcohol. Instead, they eat a lot of white rice.

His partner is Hibi.



He lives and works in Osaka Prefecture.

He has a Ph.

This man has experience working at an all-girls school. A career any man would envy, but as expected, “it was hard to deal with the students at an all-girls school,” he says.

A devout Catholic Christian, he often quotes the Bible in his emails and social networking messages. A music lover, he plays the flute and sings in the choir at his local church.

The name “Protein” comes from the fact that protein was the subject of my research when I was in college.

Even now, when I see the chemical formula, I just get excited.



Lives and works in Aichi Prefecture.

D., but he spent a lot of time abroad, either because of a university conspiracy or his own ambitions, going to Nanjing or being sent to Sri Lanka, so although they must live not too far from Shibucho Otto, they participate in the Awaremitai project only a few times.

He has bold ideas, such as provoking the Chinese public security police to detain him for a day.

He dabbled in shoujo manga for a while, but left the otaku subculture behind when he famously said, “I’ve learned enough to find all manga interesting. He has an unusual ear for music, which led him to a later devotion to classical music.



Lives and works in Hiroshima Prefecture.

In the past, I also worked in the military security system.

He is a light-footed man who makes full use of trains and buses to travel long distances, even when planning projects in the Nagano area.

He enjoys buying and selling antiques and poison gas masks at auctions. He also likes to explore the ruins of Warring States period castles and World War II gun emplacements, and is good at climbing mountains along trackless trails.



Lives and works in Aichi Prefecture.

She is the only woman in the AWAREMI-TAI.

When she first appeared on the scene, he had a weakness for cars, and whenever she got into a car, she would immediately fall ill. However, after being trained by Shibucho, who loves to drive, she is now fine. He is the embodiment of the idea that human beings are nurtured by their environment.

She can drink quite a bit, but since the “Night of Kochi” (2000) incident, a catastrophe that has become legendary in AWAREMI-TAI, she has been restrained in her drinking. Until then, she liked to drink more than Okaden.

四国まるごと食い倒れツアー 【食い地獄で三途の川を見た。】 日 時:1999年(平成11年) 07月17日~19日(2泊3日)場 所:四国参 加:ちぇるのぶ、おかでん、ばばろあ、しうめえ、ひびさん、しぶち...

Her partner is Shibucho.

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