He starts climbing the jungle gym.

Jungle gym-like playground equipment in a park.

My son Take hooked his foot on it and started to make a climbing motion.

It requires the use of both hands and feet to climb, an action that requires multitasking, making use of several muscles at the same time. Moreover, if you lose your balance, you will fall.

I was impressed by his ability to do this, but I was also worried that he might slip and hit his jaw with a gun! I was so worried that he might slip and hit his jaw, breaking a tooth or piercing his lip. Just the thought of it makes my crotch squeal.

When I was in kindergarten, I once fell down and bit my lower lip badly, resulting in a large blood spill. Although the teeth did not penetrate my lip, the scar from that incident somehow remains faintly white just below my lip. It was an injury to the inside of my mouth, but it seems that if you do it very roughly, you can get a mark on the side of your face as well.

When I met my partner Ishi, she had this scar in the exact same place as mine, and I thought, “You too? I thought. We have both had severe bruises on our jaws, and my son will probably have the same thing happen to him.

The scar on his childhood lip will be a living thing, and I will be on edge to make sure he doesn’t fall off.



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