This is about the right size box for my child, it seems.

Sweet potatoes from Ibaraki, 5kg empty box.

It is slightly larger than a case of 350ml beer cans (24 cans).

I thought my son Take would like this box, so I gave it to him, and sure enough, he was in a good mood in the box.

When I once gave him a huge cardboard box that contained four bags of diapers, I thought it was a little too big. I was afraid that the box would tip over and the child would hit his head when he went in and out of the box.

段ボールが好きというのは子どもも猫も一緒 ネット通販でおむつが届いた。大きな段ボール入りだ。 こういう箱は、弊息子タケなら中に入ってみようとするかな?いや、中にはいらないで押し倒すかな?と思って部屋の...

But a box like this would be just fine. It’s a little small, though.

I wondered if he was going to play with trains. I watched over him, but it seemed that he could not “play” with himself and his surroundings as if they were something and actually imitate them.

So I didn’t say “clatter” or anything like that, and I didn’t move the boxes around.

Instead, they kept shouting “kahn kahn kahn,” imitating the sound of a railroad crossing.



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