He don! and beats the drum.

A shrine I stopped at while cycling.

Visitors were allowed to go up to the Noh stage and freely beat the drums set up there. It is said that beating the drum brings good luck.

I handed the stick to my son, Takeh, and let him play. By the way, he has never played the taiko in his life.

Can you hit it? Even if he could, would he drop the stick in reaction to the pounding? But, despite the parents’ concerns, he was able to beat the drum properly. And after that, he was able to tap the rim of the drum and make a “kan” sound. Oh, wow.

I wanted to give him a little more practice, but I knew it would be too noisy if I kept banging the drum over and over again, so after a couple of beats, I called it a night. He seemed to be surprised at the scale of the taiko, and he was amused. He was just amazed at the scale of the taiko. He was simply amazed.



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