Push a stroller while holding an umbrella

I just learned that strollers are susceptible to rain.

I used to carry my son Takeh in my arms or on my back, so I could protect him from the rain under the umbrella that parents use. However, now that we mainly carry Takeh in a stroller and occasionally walk, he is much more vulnerable to rain.

There is a sunshade, but it is just a sunshade, not waterproof. Even if they are waterproof, your feet will get wet.

This time, because of a sudden rain shower, we put a rain shield for the baby carrier at Takeh’s feet and an umbrella over his head. But even that could not protect against wind-driven rain.

Does this mean that we should not go out on rainy days and stay at home and be quiet? It’s too early for me to let my child go out alone with an umbrella.



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