Seeing my child playing with a gorilla statue at the zoo, I think, “No, not that one.

Go to the Ueno Zoo.

Recently, my son Takeh has learned to recognize not only “elephants” but also “gorillas. When I say, “Gorilla! he bops his chest with his fist, saying, “Dong-dong-dong-dong! and he bops his chest with his fist.

By the way, when I say, “Otters! he taps his chest and says, “kon-kon-kon,” and then taps his solar plexus. Who taught him the gorilla chest-thumping gesture? We are not husband and wife.

At the zoo, in the glass-walled gorilla house, we were able to enjoy a delightful gorilla theater, witnessing “a child gorilla who wants to be played with repeatedly messing with an adult gorilla, only to be annoyed and chased away” and “an adult gorilla bobbing his chest in an attempt to intimidate.

Even so, Takeh seemed to enjoy the gorilla statues beside the gorilla house more than the gorillas’ ecology. He climbed up and around the gorillas, enjoying the gorilla statues more than the living gorillas.

Son, you can’t come all the way to the zoo and do that.



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