Boo and blow out the vegetable juice and the whole area turns red.

My Son,Takeh is absent from day care today due to a fever of 37.5 degrees Celsius.

The standard for daycare is that if the temperature is 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, the child is out of school. Just out.

Even if the temperature is not exactly in line with the out criteria, it is better to give up early at around 37.3°C unless you have a lot of work to do. After the child arrives at preschool, he or she will hustle and his or her body temperature will rise. Then, the day-care center will call you before noon.

Moreover, if you fail to notice this call and are late in responding, you will later be ganged up on by the daycare center. No, I don’t always have my cell phone hanging around my neck, and there will be times when I don’t notice it, but that’s just an excuse, and I shouldn’t say it because it will make them even angrier.

Therefore, we did not go to preschool pretending that the temperature was 37.1°C when it was 37.5°C. Instead, we stayed at home quietly. It is important to build up the nursery school’s trust in this kind of situation. If a reputation is built up among nursery staff that “that family will not mind bringing their child to preschool even if he/she has a slight fever,” the nursery will be strictly monitored from this point onward.

Since Takeh has a poor appetite, I gave him some vegetable juice. I thought it would be better than sweetened fruit juice, which he usually doesn’t drink.

Then he drank it. Good, he didn’t seem to like the taste or not know how to handle a straw.

I was caught off guard and vomited profusely.

It was bright red vegetable juice, so for a moment I panicked, thinking I was vomiting blood.

I thought he might have coughed up a lot, but he was vomiting so profusely that it seemed to have all been expelled from the bottom of his stomach. I guess he is not feeling well.

It was so catastrophic that I couldn’t help but think, “Wait! First you have to take a picture!” I had to take a picture first!” I had to get my camera ready first. It is very rare to see such a scene of vomiting red stuff.

Fortunately, Takeh himself seemed to be fine and rather refreshed, reaching for his vegetable juice again.

That’s all well and good, but the time of year, “My kid threw up!” I had to clean up the mess while taking norovirus concerns into consideration. I quickly put on a mask and prepare sodium hypochlorite along with a dustcloth, but it may already be too late. If it is norovirus.

I cleaned up the mess, hoping that nothing would happen. Naturally, Takeh does nothing to help, but rather looks at me with a “Daddy, what are you doing? He looked at me with a “What are you doing, Daddy? What’s that? Cleaning up after you.

I was glad that it was not norovirus and did not develop into a household chain of vomiting.



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