Run away, run away

My son Takeh loves to run.

When I pick him up from daycare, he comes out of his room smiling, “Daddy’s here!” and he comes out of his room with a smile on his face and runs down the hall. It would be cute if he gave me a hug, but he seems to want me to chase after him.

He runs down the hallway to escape, and many times a passing daycare worker warns him, “Takeh-chan, don’t run down the hallway!” but he still runs without listening to her.

Even when he gets out of the daycare center, he does not walk home holding hands. He runs and runs.

Not because he has extra energy. Even though he is sleepy and his hands are a little warm, he still runs. It seems that he will grow up to be a naughty boy.

This picture was taken when we unloaded him from his bike in the bike parking lot.

He is hiding behind the bike rack, watching us. He goes to a place that a large adult could not reach and his eyes sparkle as he says, “I want you to chase me!” and his eyes sparkle.

All he wants is for his parents to chase him endlessly until he is satisfied. But his time frame is different from his parents’. As a parent, I have to bathe him, prepare dinner, read to him, and put him to bed. I can’t take care of him every time because my schedule is so full.

After I have taken care of him to some extent, I suddenly pick him up in my arms and take him home. Then I take him home. He sobs and insists that he wants to play with me more. But if you let him go, in less than a second he will run away as fast as he can. You should stop warming him up.

He cries loudly, but you can make him happy again by asking, “Hey, Takeh, can you push the elevator button for me? He will be in a better mood if I ask him to do it.



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