My son’s dining chair problem: Is a stepladder the solution?

Takeh, my son, has been very reluctant to sit in the high chair lately.
He wants to eat freely and without restraint.

As an alternative, we put him in an adult chair. We praised him with exaggerated praise and said, “See, now you’re a grown-up! We tried to get him in the mood by giving him exaggerated praise. But he was not satisfied.

I wondered what he was going to do as he ran down the hall, but was surprised when he opened the closet door, took out a stepladder from inside, and carried it into the dining room, saying, “Good, good, good.

What, he was going to use the stepladder as a chair to eat his dinner?

It is certainly not a bad idea. It looks kind of like a chair. It is a wonderful idea, even for my own child.

However, he had not thought about setting up the stepladder properly.

After opening the stepladder, he tried to sit down from the direction where there was no stepladder, but there was nowhere to put his butt, so he looked back at me curiously. He looks at me curiously.

My son Takeh is only one year old. There is only room to grow from now on.



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