As a father, I’m sorely tempted to potty train my son.

My son Takeh likes to follow his parents when they go to the bathroom.

He loves watching his parents pee in the bathroom. He goes out of his way to look between my legs and stare at me from behind.

Maybe children like to watch peeing just like adults like to admire waterfalls. I am not sure if I can generalize his behavior as “a tendency of children in general” or not.

However, I am sure that he is happy to help me “close the toilet lid” and “press the flush button” after I have finished peeing. He always takes the initiative to do these two things.

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There is no doubt that he understands from what he sees and hears that “the toilet is a place to defecate. So why not start his own toilet training?

He asked, “Why am I peeing and even pooping in a diaper? Wouldn’t he be more comfortable using the toilet?” Doesn’t he ask, “Why do I have to imitate my parents and pee in the toilet? Don’t you think, “I want to imitate my parents and pee in the toilet too! Don’t you think, “I want to pee in the toilet too!

I’m sure you do. Let’s try it.

So, full of enthusiasm, I bought a child’s toilet seat.

Ishi was appalled at my motivation and said, “Kids will learn to use the toilet eventually, even if they don’t have to, right? He was appalled by my motivation.

I asked him, “Do you have to pee? He said, “Yes,” so I immediately took him to the bathroom. So I immediately took him to the bathroom and put him on the toilet seat.

“Is it coming out?”

And it went on and on.

Do you want to answer?” I ask, “Yes. I’m just leading him into an interrogation, it seems.

I think it is a little early for toilet training.

Instead, when he takes a bath, he pees first before washing his body. I would like to see him do this in the toilet, but the fact that he is now able to store and release pee at the right time is a sign of growth. We want to watch him slowly.



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