Ueno Zoo attractions: A maze-like walkway with ups and downs

I went to the Ueno Zoo with my brother and his family.

I had heard “Elephants! Elephants!”, but this time he was not so crazy about elephants.

Maybe the reason he shouted “elephant” so many times was because he remembered the word! I know it! I know it! Whether he really likes them or not is another story.

He seems to be more interested in dinosaurs these days, and whenever he sees a picture of a dinosaur on TV, even if it is a computer-generated movie, he opens his arms and shouts “Gao!” and then strikes a pose with his arms outstretched and closed. He says it means, “I’m going to eat you! He says it means, “I’m going to eat you!

Nevertheless, the Ueno Zoo is a fun playground for him. The zoo is a labyrinth of ups and downs, and the paths are like a maze. Even if you want to see the creatures in their cages, it is difficult to see them because they are full of people. Instead, they were more interested in running around and wondering what was at the end of the path. They seemed to find it interesting to run around and were active running around.

We don’t want them to see animals because they came all the way to the zoo. They can run around as much as they want. They should take a nap afterwards. They should move around, sleep when they feel sleepy, and learn about the world when they wake up and have some free time.



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