Our family’s educational policy is to start distance learning before our son is 2 years old.

I ordered a trial copy of the “Infant Poppy” correspondence course for my son Takeh, who is about to turn 2 years old.

Learning at 2 years old? Will he be educated as a gifted child? I am not thinking of such a lofty thing.

As a parent, I wanted a way to communicate with my child. Rather than a trigger, perhaps what I wanted was a “measuring stick”.

We are a two-income family, and my son is in daycare from early morning until sunset. As a parent, the time I get to spend with him while he is at home is very limited. We can’t play with him all the time because we have to do the housework.

How can we communicate with our immature son in the limited time we have? I can play with him with blocks and miniature cars. But at 49 years old, my imagination is already exhausted, and I am not confident that I can suggest ways to play that will excite my child. So I need someone’s help.

Then came a correspondence course for young children. It costs money, but it is comforting to know that parents and children can work together on such and such materials. In addition, the content is age-appropriate and presented in a way that the child will find interesting. Parents can discuss the structure with their children and enjoy the tasks together.

Correspondence courses for 2-year-olds include Benesse’s “Kodomo Challenge”, “Infant Poppy”, and “Baby Kumon”. Just System’s “Smile Zemi” and Z-kai’s “Z-kai Preschool Course” do not have content for 2-year-olds because they start at a young age.

Kodomo Challenge” is more expensive and comes with many educational toys and digital contents.On the other hand, “Infant Poppy” is less expensive, but its contents are simpler.

These seem to be the main differences between the two.

Since I don’t want to have a house full of toys, I thought it would be better to use the simpler “Infant Poppy”. I’m trying the trial version of the program because I don’t want my house to be full of toys.

He is not yet two years old, so even when I explain the purpose of the tasks, he barely understands them. I have to be patient with her and sometimes give up and let her do the tasks as they are. This is an educational material that trains the parents more than the children.

Still, I am glad I tried it because it is an opportunity for parents and children to deepen their communication.



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