Jonanjima Seaside Park with my son who loves airplanes. But he couldn’t recognize the plane and …

My son Takeh is very worried about airplanes.

Recently, perhaps due to a change in flight routes, planes flying to and from Haneda Airport have started flying over our house. He is very sensitive to these small airplanes flying in the sky, and even his parents don’t notice. and points his finger at them, even though his parents don’t notice.

He has been seeing an otolaryngologist for more than a year because of otitis media, and his hearing must be worse than other people’s. Nevertheless, he is still able to hear the sound of airplanes even in the noise of the city, to look at the sky and see them, which is quite impressive.

However, sometimes he will see the air obstruction light on a tower building and point to it and say, “Airplane!” so it does not mean that his ability is perfect.

For this airplane sensitive boy, we went to Jonanjima Kaihin Park.


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