Confused by a child on all fours wearing boots

With a family trip to Niigata Prefecture in two weeks, where there is still snow on the ground, measures are being taken to prepare Takeh for the snow.

Since we will be walking in the snow, boots would be an essential item. If he wears shoes, there is a high probability that his feet will get wet and he will get frostbite.

As for shoes, I recently bought some good ones from New Balance. But I think cheap boots are enough. So I bought them from Nishimatsuya.

The boots are made of inflexible material. So it is hard to put the boots on for him because of his high instep. Parents and children put them on together, shouting, “Ei, ei, ei”. And once he puts them on, it is hard to take them off. As soon as they put them on, they have to shout “ay, ay, ay” again.

I was sure that he would not like such narrow and unfastened shoes. It would be hard to walk in them, and they would get steamy.

But he reacted just the opposite. He’s overjoyed.

He is so happy that he walks around the house with his boots echoing all over the house. His parents told him to stop walking around in his boots because his footsteps were echoing downstairs! When his parents tried to stop him, he would walk around the house on all fours with his boots on. They seemed to like it a lot.

He liked it so much that the next day, even on a sunny day, he tried to wear them to preschool and there was an argument at the front door when it was time for him to leave in the morning. Takeh was crying that she wanted to wear her boots, and I had to calm her down by saying, “Please don’t wear those shoes because they can’t handle going out during daycare hours.

It is very nice when a child likes something a parent buys. However, it is a little disconcerting when he becomes so attached to them. I don’t know why these boots have become his favorite.



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