Concerned about the situation in Ukraine with Giraffe

My son Takeh was turning over the contents of his bag. I wondered what he was doing, but he took out a picnic activity sheet and started laying it out on the living room floor.

This activity sheet has streets and cars painted on it. He started playing with the miniature cars using these roads.

He cannot yet trace the paths on the maps and mazes drawn in the book with his fingers. On the other hand, he can drive the car along the road on the recreation sheet with the road drawn on it.

It seems that for the child, drawing a path with his finger and driving a miniature car are two completely different things.

After playing with the miniature cars for a while, he got bored and started watching the TV news that his parents were watching. They were sitting upright on the lawn where they had been playing.

He should have been watching TV with his parents, but he seemed to like the activity sheet very much. Instead of calling his parents, he grabbed a stuffed giraffe from the corner of the living room and started watching TV with the giraffe.

The TV was reporting on the deadlocked situation in Ukraine.

The giraffe and the one-year-old watched with concern.



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