My son changes his clothes very frequently

Takeh, my wicked son, is reading a picture book in his bedroom, naked to the waist.

It is the beginning of March, so it is still cold. Of course, he does not go to bed in this state, but changes into his pajamas before going to bed. As he changes into his pajamas, he can’t help but notice the picture book.

He has always been “adamantly opposed to wearing an apron,” and after meals he covers his body with grains of rice. Compared to children in bread-eating cultures, Japanese children tend to get their clothes dirty from eating. In addition, rice stains are sticky and messy if left unattended. He cannot just pretend not to have seen it.

That is why he changes his clothes so often. He always changes his clothes after eating. Not only his jacket, but also his pants.

He has become much better at using a spoon and fork. However, he is unable to calculate the “right amount” of food, which means “scooping the right amount of food into his mouth,” so he scoops the rice with his spoon like a bulldozer scooping dirt and sand. Then I chew it up and let about 1/4 of it fall down.



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