Why do you eat only cucumbers?

Takeh, my son, has developed a great liking for cucumbers pickled in sweet and sour vinegar.

I can say that it was this sweet and sour cucumber that made him like cucumbers.

Cucumbers are simply soaked in Mitsukan’s “Kantan Vinegar” for about an hour. It is easy to make and simple to prepare, making it very appealing even to busy families.

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I had thought that children would not like greenish vegetables like cucumbers, so this was completely unexpected.

However, I am happy that my child has developed a liking for cucumbers as he tends to be a picky eater and not much of a vegetable eater.

However, while I am grateful that he is eating vegetables, I am concerned that he will be full of cucumbers that have almost no nutritional value. At the very least, I want him to eat them as vegetable sticks, along with other nutritious vegetables.

Cucumbers are probably his biggest feast right now, and if hamburgers and cucumbers were on the table, he would eat all the cucumbers first. Before that, he would start eating the cucumbers flying before saying “Itadakimasu” (Thank you for the food). As for me, the cook, I have no idea what made him so crazy about this dish.



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