Scoop cake was the preferred choice for the birthday table

I had been so busy with my work that I had not been able to do all the housework or prepare a meal in time to celebrate Take’s birthday.

At that time, Ishi said, “I’ll make a scoop cake” and she made it with great skill. It was the same cake that had appeared on my birthday a month earlier.

My partner Ishi made a “scoop cake” for me. I was so busy with work that when my birthday came, I had nothing to prepare for it. It is a little strange for me to prepare for my own birthday, but it is ...

On my birthday the cake was topped with different fruits, but this time it was only strawberries. Takeh likes “sweet things” but hates “sweet and sour things”. So he doesn’t even try to eat tangerines. His favorite food these days is apples.

For a small child’s birthday, this homemade scoop cake was a nice idea. The reason is that the child can portion out the amount of cake he wants to eat. There are no arguments about “this cake is too small, that cake is too big” and there are no leftovers.

And the most exciting thing for a child is the flame of the candle. The best part of all is that he gets to put out the candle flame himself, not the cake with the candle on top.

To my surprise, he could sing “Happy Birthday to You” with a clap of his hands and even blow on the flame to extinguish it. Maybe the kindergarten has a monthly “birthday party” where they sing the song. I didn’t know.

He can’t say “Happy Birthday” yet. So, after mumbling something inaudible to adults, he suddenly shouted loudly, “To you! He shouted, “To you!

Happy 2nd birthday.



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