He is studying gargling

My son Takeh brushes his teeth every morning and evening.

I am impressed by the recent health checkups for young children. The health center told us, “You should be careful about cavities when you are a child. If you don’t have cavities in your baby teeth, you are less likely to have cavities in your permanent teeth.

He also recommended the use of fluoride toothpaste. Wow, fluoride toothpaste is so expensive, but children use it?

I let them brush their own teeth first, and then their parents help them. At first, he tried to imitate his parents and brush his teeth diligently by himself, but lately he seems to get tired of it and cuts corners when brushing his teeth. So I do most of his brushing.

However, he still seems to have some interest in toothbrush-related activities. Recently, he has started imitating gargling.

Gargling is a bit difficult for a child. He imitates me and puts water in his mouth, but most of the time he just swallows it. When I explained to him that he should spit out the water, not swallow it, and showed him how to do it, he started letting the water drip out of his mouth, soaking his clothes.

He continues to gargle, probably because he likes the cup with the bullet train design on it. Recently, he has become obsessed not only with things, but also with the “design” of those things. So to motivate him in a positive way, it would be necessary to prepare goods with designs he likes. However, if we did that, we would end up with a lot of train and car items, which I don’t want to do as a parent.



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