You have your own chair, so please stop asking your mom to carry you

At mealtime, Takeh, my son, tries to sit on his mother’s lap. He wants to eat on his mother’s lap.

Since we just bought a new child’s chair, we want him to sit in his own chair.

Eating on an adult’s lap is bad for his posture and causes him to spill food all over the place. Nothing good will come of this, so I ask you to help him get used to sitting in a chair.

Not long ago, I could cheat the problem if I could distract him, either because his memory was shorter or because he was less particular. But that doesn’t work anymore. Once he starts obsessing, he doesn’t give up easily. So as a parent, I have to find a compromise with him.

On this particular day, the compromise was, “I will put a chair next to Mommy so he can sit on the chair and eat. As far as he was concerned, it was not a compromise at all, because he could not sit on Mommy’s lap, and it was a zero response. Still, from our adult point of view, it is quite a concession. I hope he is happy with this approach.

He has his own way of doing things. He always wants to eat on my lap, and the person he wants to eat on my lap is always a stone. And it is always me to whom he holds an almost empty plate of food, demanding that I spoon up the little food that is left and feed it to him. He seems to understand that his mother is in charge of his affection and his father is in charge of his servants.



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