He began to climb into a chair on his own

My son Takeh was given his own dining chair, but he was reluctant to use it, often preferring to eat on his mother’s lap.

Recently, however, he has finally begun to use his own chair.

Recently, his appetite has increased even more. The amount of rice he eats at a meal is 100 grams. It is accompanied by a side dish and miso soup.

But even that is not enough, so he asks, “Where’s the cheese?” “I want milk!”

“Are you hungry?” He rubs his stomach with both hands and says, “I’m pekopeko! (=I’m starving)!”

He probably doesn’t really understand the meaning of the word “pekopeko,” but he seems to understand from experience that if he uses the word, his parents will prepare a meal for him afterwards.

This is how he learned to sit properly on a chair to quickly satisfy his own hunger. This is because when a child is carried by his mother to eat, he cannot eat what he likes at the pace he likes.

There is a saying, “Like is better than like. That is exactly what happened in his case, and in no time at all he had mastered the art of climbing up on his chair. And while I was hard at work in the kitchen preparing his meal, he would cry out, “Rice!

However, he still can’t get out of his chair after eating by himself. One knee gets caught in the armrest, and he routinely makes an annoyed “ouch” face and asks his parents for help.



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