Aiming for the Big Wall

Takeh, my son, has recently developed an appetite for climbing.

Some parks these days have steep or vertical walls with bouldering holds. He actively tries to climb such slopes.

His name, Takeh, comes from Mt. Hotaka, a famous peak in the Northern Alps. So as a parent, I am encouraged that he likes to climb mountains and cliffs.

However, he is only 2 years and 1 month old. Fortunately, he has never fallen off a cliff, nor has he had much experience with the laws of gravity. To begin with, he’s only been able to walk properly for a year, so he doesn’t know his body’s range of motion or the limits of his muscles.

So when he tries to climb a slope, his parents take two people with them to support him. One person is at the top of the cliff to call out to him, and the other person is at the bottom of the cliff in case he falls.

From the parents’ point of view, he climbs the slope very well. However, he completely ignores basic climbing techniques and relies solely on the grip of the soles of his shoes. This is dangerous, so we continue to encourage him to use his hands and feet simultaneously to support his own weight as much as possible.



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