Shoes with good grip are also good or bad

Today Takeh, my son, is challenging himself on the bouldering wall.

The wall is not a vertical wall, but a corner of a children’s slide with bouldering holds attached to it.

I stand right below him and grab his feet and say, “Put your right foot on this hold here, then your left foot on that hold there.

In actual bouldering, it is absolutely forbidden to have anyone under the climber, and that is the most elementary rule. It is the most elementary rule of bouldering, because there is a possibility that the climber could be involved in a fall accident. However, I dare to position myself directly under Takeh. If he fell, I would have to support him.

The bouldering holds are for children, so there are no complicated shapes. Still, it is difficult for a two-year-old to master them, and his body movements do not yet match his desire to climb by hooking his feet into the holds. As a result, he uses the grip of the shoes to climb.

I keep correcting her, telling her not to use the frictional force of the soles of her shoes to climb.

With the cheap Nishimatsuya shoes I used to use, I think the shoes would have come off his feet if he used them in such a situation. But now they are New Balance shoes, so they fit well for the price. As a result, he climbs cheaply.

I would love to let him climb barefoot, but you never know what kind of sharp objects might fall to the ground in the park. If he accidentally hurts the sole of his foot and gets tetanus, his life could be in danger. I would not go barefoot, and I would let him hone his skills a little more with his shoes.



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