My son is addicted to pickles

All you have to do is put roughly chopped cucumbers in a Ziploc bag, add some Mitsukan’s Kantan vinegar, rub it in, and refrigerate for an hour. “Cucumber in sweet and sour vinegar is an easy dish to make.

Although it is not a staple food, it is useful as a dish that adds color to the table. It can be left over and stored for a short time.

That was my son Takeh’s infatuation with cucumbers, which I wrote about a month ago, and he has been in love with them ever since.

Why do you eat only cucumbers? Takeh, my son, has developed a great liking for cucumbers pickled in sweet and sour vinegar. I can say that it was this sweet and sour cucumber that made him...

Sometimes, when I am concentrating on cooking and take my eyes off him, he transfers all the cucumbers from the bowls on the table to his plate and looks at me proudly and says, “This is my food. That’s how much I want to eat cucumbers.

If there is a meat dish and cucumbers on the table, he will even put the meat aside and eat the cucumbers. It is unbelievable from a parent’s point of view.

You don’t think, “Thank God he likes pickles because they’re cheap. Because cucumbers are not nutritious at all. At least I would like him to prefer a more nutritious vegetable. But he has no concept of “nutritional balance” at all, so he puts broccoli, which is rich in nutrients, in his mouth and spits it out, acting unmanned.

But I served him this cucumber dish from time to time, thinking that he would get tired of it eventually. But he seemed to get tired of it, and by the end of May 2023 his chopsticks did not go very far. Before the meal, he would ask me for a big cucumber with his body language and hand gestures, but even after the meal started, he would still ask for more cucumbers. However, even after the meal begins, the pace at which he eats cucumbers is slow.

It is not limited to cucumbers, but the fads and fashions of children change very quickly. Maybe the next food craze is waiting for him. I have no idea what he will be asking for.



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