On rainy days, it’s the parents who get wet

In the rain, I went out with my family in the neighborhood.

Recently I noticed something. It is a little difficult to go out with the family on a rainy day.

Why now? I asked myself. Because I have been out in the rain many times in the past. I was fine in the rain then, so why is it so hard now?

After thinking about it for a while, I realized, “Ah, I see”. It was because Takeh, my son, is now 2 years old and can walk a little.

When he was 0 years old, his parents used to carry him in a baby carrier. There was no problem at all because he was in the middle of his parents holding an umbrella.

After he turned one, we continued to use baby carriers, but at the same time, we began to use the stroller more often. The stroller was equipped with a simple but rainproof cover, so he never got wet in the stroller.

And now he is 2 years old. He either walks or rides in a stroller. Since a stroller is a simple stroller that folds up, light weight and compactness are important. As such, they are not designed for rain protection at all. This left him unprotected on rainy days.

It is still difficult for a child who has just turned 2 to master the use of an umbrella. So we had him put on rain gear and boots, but when we put a hood over his head, he said, “Oh, hot!” He didn’t like it and he took it off. His head was soaking wet.

So, as you can see in the photo, the mother puts on the hood of her raincoat and holds an umbrella out to her two-year-old son while she herself is exposed to the rain.

A quick glance at the photo makes it look like he is proudly holding up the umbrella, but in fact Isshi, who is standing next to him, is holding it up from above.

He is a spoiled child and often asks his parents to “hold him” except when he is running around the park.

When I carry him, we can protect him from the rain with an umbrella. But now he is so happy with his boots that he only walks a lot on days like this. As a result, she gets wet.

Thank God for his mother, Takeh.



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