He likes his boots too much, he crawls

Takeh, my wicked son, was eager to put on his boots even though it was not raining.

Even though his boots were already in the shoe box, he took the trouble to open it and put on his boots.

Normally, he can put on his socks and shoes by himself, but maybe he is bored or wants to be spoiled by his parents. and sticks both feet out to his parents. However, when it was time to put on his boots, he would quickly get ready by himself.

She may have been so happy to get her boots on that she jumped up and down at the front door, trying to get inside.

Of course, we live in Japan. There was no way I was going to allow him to enter the house with his feet in the dirt. I warned him, “You can’t come in the front door with your shoes on.

Still wanting to show off his boots, he crawled across the floor to the room where I was working. Smiling, he asked, “How do you like them? I don’t have my shoes on the floor!” He makes a face that says, “How do you like it?

When did he get the strength to crawl? As a parent, I was both surprised and pleased, but I couldn’t work with such an intruder in the room. I picked him up and took him back to the front door and said, “Okay, okay, go back to the front door”.



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