Sometimes when I give him a haircut, I cut off too much of his hair

I have only cut my son Takeh’s hair a handful of times.

His hair is not very thick, dense, or long compared to other children, so he rarely needs a haircut. He also shows a strong aversion to haircuts and tries to run away from them, so it’s not easy to get a haircut.

Unlike when I help him brush his teeth, I hold the scissors for the haircut. If he gets out of line, he could get hurt. I have no choice but to cut his hair very carefully.

So once I decide to cut his hair, I tend to cut too much. He resists at first, but then he gives up and accepts it to some extent. Now is my chance! and I get carried away and cut his hair, it ends up shorter than it needs to be.

Because of my inexperienced technique, the hair around the ears and on the nape of the neck, where I want the hair to be neatly trimmed, is not of uniform length, and only the hair around the crown is too short.

This time I took one too many deep scissors to the left side of the fringe and the haircut looked like a razor had been used to create a single thin strip of hair. Sorry, son.



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