Cup with Shinkansen on it

I can’t find the cup my son Takeh usually uses to drink tea with meals.

Takeh says, “Milk! Where’s the milk?” so I decided to bring Takeh’s drinking cup, which is usually kept in the bathroom, and ask him to drink milk from it.

If you look closely at this cup, you will see that it says “N700” and has a picture of the Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen bullet trains on it.

Trains, especially the Shinkansen, are very popular with children. When I go to the preschool to pick him up, I see many upperclassmen carrying backpacks in the colors and shapes of the Shinkansen, and many of his classmates wearing socks with Shinkansen patterns on them. Cars, insects, animals, and dinosaurs are all genres that boys like, but the Shinkansen seems to overwhelm them in popularity.

Of course, this could just be my imagination. Clothing and bags with Shinkansen designs are colorful and very eye-catching. For example, if the color of the clothes is green and white, you can say, “Oh, it’s the Hayabusa! (Or, to be more precise, “E” or “HAYABUSA”). (To be more precise, it is the “E7 series. This train is used not only for Hayabusa, but also for Yamabiko, Hayate, and Nasuno, but apparently the name “Hayabusa” is well known among children).

He has ridden the Shinkansen many times, even the N700 series Shinkansen, but he doesn’t show much affection for this cup. I think the white and blue color scheme is very nice, but I think it might be too simple for a child. As proof, there is a yellow Shinkansen called “Doctor Yellow” on this mug. Kids love Doctor Yellow.

As a parent, I have no idea what sparks children’s interest and what they respond to.



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