Toilet training begins in earnest (with Toilet-Train)

I have an annual subscription to Benesse’s Kodomo Challenge, a correspondence course for my son Takeh.

Among the educational materials delivered to our home at the end of April was one for toilet training.

One is a thin electronic device. It has two buttons, and when you press one of them, you hear music that sings “Zip, Zip, Toilet-Train.” And when you press the other one, you hear the toilet flush and a fanfare that praises you for a job well done! and they praise you.

I asked myself, “Is this really necessary? But when I actually put the electronic device in the bathroom, my son Takeh’s desire to go to the bathroom increased tremendously.

I thought, “Well, he’s just interested in pushing buttons on his electronic gadgets and making them make noise.
He’s probably just interested in pushing buttons on his electronic devices and making them make noise anyway. He will take this machine from the bathroom to the living room, play with it in the living room, and when he gets tired of it, that will be the end of it.

Of course, that was the way it went at first, but within a few days of the machine arriving in our home, he started going to the bathroom to push the button on the machine.

Eventually, when he went to the bathroom, he would pose with his right hand raised high to the sky. And with a confident expression on his face. This is an imitation of the pose Shimajiro strikes when he goes to the toilet in the video material.

At first I thought, “I don’t like the idea of my child’s education being controlled by distance learning materials. However, when I actually saw his desire to go to the bathroom, I was impressed by the effectiveness of the educational materials made by professionals in the field of education.

Even without such educational materials, people gradually learn to go to the toilet as they grow up. Therefore, toilet training with these educational materials may be meaningless. However, as a parent, I am happy to see his confident face when he tries to go to the toilet while still in diapers.

He looks forward to going to the bathroom not just because he can push the buttons on the electronic device. He has a “I can do it in the bathroom! poster” that he hangs on the bathroom door. The poster shows a railroad track and a train. And there are stickers of cars with different animals on them. The rule is that every time he goes to the bathroom, he can put one sticker on this poster.

Every time he goes to the bathroom, he agonizes for a while to choose a sticker, and after he chooses a sticker, he spends even more time trying to figure out where to put it. As a result, it takes him almost 5 minutes just to go to the bathroom once. As a caregiver, it’s a hassle, but I’m happy to see him spending his potty time happily.



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