Finally, a two-year-old’s appetite begins to grow

I went to a shrine festival with my family.

Temporary shops lined the shrine grounds. It was interesting to see the various foods being sold and the entertainment being provided.

Takeh, my son, seemed a little surprised by the unfamiliar sight, but he stopped in front of the “Super Ball Scooping” booth and his eyes were glued to the colorful Super Balls in a large amount of water.

At two years old, he still has no idea that this is something he can play with for money. So he didn’t say, “I want a Superball,” or “I want to play with it,” but just stared at it.

When my wife and I saw this, we got a little impatient. We thought, “Oh, finally, like most kids, he’s starting to get greedy.

In a few months he will be screaming, “I want it! I want to do it! I don’t want to go home!” I don’t want to go home! We sensed from his words and actions today that this will not happen in the distant future, but very soon.

How far should we go with a child’s wishes at a time like this? We ourselves had not yet sorted out our thoughts on the matter. Should we say, “It’s a festival, so you can buy whatever you want once”, or should we forbid it altogether? It’s time for the couple to start discussing.



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