A 6-month-old baby came to our house to play.

I was amazed.

My son Takeh is 2 years and 7 months old, and I admire how his eyes light up every day.

However, it was the 6-month-old baby who stood out. My friend visited me with her child, and I couldn’t stop noticing how bright and sparkling his eyes were.

I don’t think this baby was extraordinary, but I believe all babies possess brilliant eyes. And then, he turned to me with a puzzled expression. I believe that today’s children often have bright eyes.

In contrast, my six-month-old has a different gaze. But my two-year-old son’s eyes are particularly expressive, conveying both his emotions and desires.

It seems as if he’s already burdened with the weight of humanity’s “original sin,” just like Adam and Eve. He just learned to roll over and lie on his stomach. He’s staring at his parents with curiosity, hunching over his upper body.

Before, I used to think my son had an immature and half-human personality despite his growth. But after seeing this six-month-old baby, I now consider him a fully developed man. Babies are interesting creatures with infinite possibilities despite being “something, but nothing.” My son, Takeh, seems like he has forsaken his “infinite possibilities.”

Takeh knew that everyone was focused on the new baby, not him. He hung around the baby, feeling a mix of curiosity, protectiveness, and envy.

At one point, Takeh exclaimed, “Hey, look what I did!” but the grown-ups didn’t seem as excited as they had been. Instead, they paid attention to the little baby, who couldn’t do anything. From Takeh’s perspective, he had a day where he was asking himself, “Why…?” (10/07/2013).


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