To enjoy his noodles, he picked up some chopsticks.

My son Takeh, who is 2 and a half years old, recently began to use chopsticks.

Although he cannot perform fine finger movements yet, he uses them in his own funny way.

While it would be easier for him to eat with a fork, he prefers to imitate his parents when they use chopsticks. Children often copy what they see their parents and neighbors doing, which is a vital part of their development. To raise your child well, show them how you have fun and try new things daily instead of relying on books or videos.

Recently, your child enjoys noodle dishes, which they call “churuchuru,” and they enjoy everything from ramen to udon, yakisoba, and soba noodles.

However, would it be okay to add bean sprouts into the dish if your child dislikes them? Despite their preference, I included them on the plate as it was. He had no trouble eating the bean sprouts, even though he had never fancied their texture before. I noticed that he ends up trying the ingredients he doesn’t like when I mix them with noodles.

I got too excited and decided to add some bracken to the dish, but as predicted, he did not enjoy it.



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