My son is crazy about catnip because it’s autumn

My son, Take, goes to the park every day and pulls catnip weeds out of the ground. It is a weed commonly known as “nekojarashi,” and its real name is “enokogusa,(means Angelica dahurica)” . It is a grain, and if it wanted to, the seeds could be harvested and threshed for food.

He is not playing with the fluffy ears, but is very happy to walk around with this catnip. He proudly picked up several of them and took them home.

However, they don’t seem to like the ones that have the roots pulled out when they are pulled out of the ground, and they say, “I don’t like this. I don’t want this. and begs me to remove the roots. He also doesn’t seem to like the leaves that are left on the plant, so I carefully pluck them off, leaving only the stem and ear.

I thought that if he had that much sense of beauty, he would take it home to make some kind of collection, but he left it on the TV stand and forgot it existed. So I throw the catnip into the trash when he is not looking. This is because this grass, which has been dead for some time, produces a lot of fine litter as its seeds separate.



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