Don’t come here! and “Come here!”

There are different ways we play in the park with my son Takeh.

The most popular one is called “Let’s wait, wait, wait!”

It’s a game of tag. I either chase him or he chases me. When he chases me, he runs after me shouting “wolf!” I try to run away but not too fast, or he’ll lose interest. Ideally, I could tire my child out by running slowly, as if it were an endurance run. However, this would also tire me out.

Additionally, my child often calls me to come over when he climbs on the slide or jungle gym, seeming to enjoy making his parents do what he does.

Other times, he goes up on a sports board and asks me to watch him. But when I try to follow behind, he strongly protests, saying “Don’t come!” and firmly rejects my offer.



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