It is still difficult for a 2-year-old to understand the rules of the game (children’s dynamic vision is weak)

There was a shooting game at a kids’ event, so I allowed my son Takeh to try it out.

It was his very first time playing target shooting.

Since he couldn’t use a water gun properly, he didn’t understand the purpose of the toy rifle.He used all the bullets without realizing that hitting the target was the goal. He didn’t comprehend the rules, even after using all the ammo. If he had watched them play, he would have learned the rules of the game. He used all the bullets without realizing that hitting the target was the goal.

Despite observing other children playing target practice, he still couldn’t understand the situation. He struggled with dynamic vision, unable to track bullets traveling at high speeds once he fired his gun.

Even for adults, it is challenging to follow the path of a bullet accurately. However, through experience, we know bullets fly in the direction of the muzzle, allowing us to predict their path and outcome.

Unfortunately, he could not keep up with such high bullet speeds due to his eyesight limitations. He doesn’t comprehend the guidelines of the shooting game. Consequently, he aimed the gun at the wrong place, fired at the wrong time, and depleted ammo without comprehending.

Watching children behave like this made me realize that grownups can forecast events and make decisions based on their assumptions from a diverse range of experiences.



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