Father and son’s first experience with pudding

On that day, I did the “Miura Alps Traverse,” which crosses the low mountains of the Miura Peninsula.

Since I was away from home for the day, I bought a pudding from MARLOWE, a famous pudding shop in Zushi and Hayama, as a souvenir.

The pudding came in a glass cup with a cool logo of a hard-boiled gentleman’s face. However, the pudding was very expensive, partly because the cup fee was included. Standing in front of the display case in the store, I hesitated to buy it, thinking, “Oh my God, I didn’t know it was so expensive.

But the taste is delicious. And the cups are well made. I was expecting a thick, heavy glass, but it is actually thin and light. It is much thinner than the beer glasses served in pubs. I will wash it and put it in the cupboard after I finish eating.

Takeh, my son, was very curious when he saw Marlow’s pudding for the first time.

He has never eaten pudding before, so this is the first time in his life that he has eaten pudding.

I have rarely fed him anything sweet before. I didn’t want him to get into the habit of craving sweets as a parent. And he himself has never shown much interest in what adults eat.

However, when he was almost two years old, he became interested in what adults ate. Before that, he was curious when he heard that his father had brought home a box of something that looked very important. In any case, he feels uncomfortable unless he opens the box with his own hands. Wait, there’s pudding in there. Don’t handle it roughly.

He doesn’t know how to use force yet. He tries to touch everything as hard as he can, so pudding is especially dangerous.

I gave him his first taste of pudding and he loved it. He never makes a face because of the taste, but this time he took a bite and made a face and said, “Ho-ho-ho”. He seemed impressed.

Then he started calling the pudding “Marlow. I told him that “Marlow is the name of the product and the name of the food is pudding,” but he didn’t get it.



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