Yamanote Line Standing Soba Noodle Round-the-loop Endurance Race

The JR Yamanote Line encircles the capital city of Tokyo. Every station is bustling with people, but how many “standing buckwheat noodle shops” are there? It seems as if there is one at every station, but in fact, there may be none at all. Without doing any research, I set out to conquer all standing-eating buckwheat noodle restaurants on the Yamanote Line, not knowing whether I could do it or not. I set out on a mission to “conquer all standing buckwheat noodle restaurants on the Yamanote Line! All by myself.

山手線立ち食い蕎麦一周耐久レース(第1弾) 【自虐的ネタならすぐに思いつくのです】 我が家には活火山が眠っている。 その活火山は、数カ月に一度、盛大に噴火した。全てを焼き尽くし、これまでに築き上げてきた...

The “Standing Soba Eaters in Yamanote Line Stations” project was held in December 2001 to commemorate the complete renewal of AWAREMI-TAI OnTheWeb.

This is a sad and funny record of a battle that no one wanted to fight, but he planned it himself, and then crushed it all by himself.

The voices were recorded live and reproduced in their entirety from the field.

山手線立ち食い蕎麦一周耐久レース(第2弾) 【まだ諦めちゃいねぇと3年半後に今更叫ぶ男/イントロダクション】 2001年12月。「へたれ」の称号を獲得。今に至る。 山手線立ち食い蕎麦一周耐久レースは、こうして幕...

Hadn’t he learned his lesson yet?

…Yes, I still hadn’t learned my lesson. I couldn’t sleep at noon because I was so disappointed that I couldn’t clear the first round. No wonder.

The project resumes from Tokyo Station, from which the first round fled, to Ikebukuro Station on the Yamanote Line’s outer route.

山手線立ち食い蕎麦一周耐久レース(第3弾) 【番外編:上野駅構内蕎麦店全制覇】 さて、今回は山手線立ち食い蕎麦一周耐久レースのスピンアウト企画として、上野駅でやってみたいと思います。 やるぞ! ・・・はは...

The project is back after an absence of several years. However, this is not a sequel to the previous one, but a spin-out project.

The mega-station, Ueno Station, is the stage for a quest to conquer all the soba noodle shops in the station.

It was not to anyone’s benefit; it was just Okaden, who ate his way through the food in isolation.


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