Visiting with parents and children, Banya in 2023 [Banya: Feb. 2023].

I want to visit Banya at least once a year, so here I am again. This is a fishing port in Kyonan Town, a little before Tateyama on the Boso Peninsula.

Attraction of “Banya,” a restaurant directly managed by a fishery cooperative at the ... On the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture, there is a small fishing port called "Hota Fishing Port". Normally, visitors going to the Tateyama area would pass...

We always visit in winter because the Boso Peninsula is very crowded on weekends from spring to autumn.

Banya itself is overcrowded, and especially the traffic on the Tokyo Bay Aqualine, which passes through Tokyo Bay on its way to and from Banya, is very long. The traffic jam on the Tokyo Bay Aqualine, which passes through Tokyo Bay on its way to and from Banya, is very long. In fact, the fish served here tastes better in winter.

Sunday, February 05, 2023

We arrived at Banya a little before 10:00.

Ban’ya opens for business at 9:30. There is still no line at this time. If it were summer, there would probably be a waiting list to enter at 10:00.

I have been watching Banya for 20 years since my first visit, and the facility’s life story, from its expansion to its demolition, has been etched in my mind’s eye.

The area where the “Hamayaki Kaikan, specializing in live shellfish,” was once located is now a vacant lot with benches and no trace of its former use.

By the side of the road leading to the store, hairtail was being dried on a net.

We walk into the store.

A big white board in front of the entrance shows the recommended dishes of the day in big letters.

It’s impressive, but we can’t remember much of it. We need to take a picture of this board before we sit down. After we sit down, we have to remember the menu.

The “Taikyo Gozen” called “Banya no Gorgeous Donburi” costs 2,700 yen. What? but with 10 different kinds of seafood in the bowl, you can’t help but groan.

I find it strange that anyone would want to come to the Boso Peninsula to eat salmon roe or salmon. I mean, these fish and shellfish come from completely different places than the Boso Peninsula.

Less than 30 minutes after opening, one of today’s recommended dishes, “Arauni,” was sold out.

Too bad? No, I think it’s okay. Go ahead and do it.

That’s because he likes the spirit of putting even small quantities on the menu, rather than being timid and saying, “We can’t put this on the menu because we don’t have a lot of it in stock.

I took a quick look at the recommended dishes and thought, “…?” was my impression.

Because I don’t have much of an appetite for it.

Huh? Was it that kind of atmosphere in the banya?

This is because the prices on the menu of this restaurant are all over the place. This is probably due to the recent high prices. Because of the prices I saw along with the names of the dishes, there were not many dishes that made me think, “I really want to try this! I did not find many dishes that made me think, “I really want to try this!

Unlike when I was single, I now have a wife and a child. I can no longer be reckless and order everything that interests me with a grin on my face. I can no longer be so reckless as to ask for anything I want with a grin on my face.

No, when I was married to a married couple, I could still order “ei-yah. If I couldn’t finish my meal, I could just take it home. But when you finally have a child, you are restrained. Not so much from a financial standpoint, but from an emotional one.

It takes time to order and eat all kinds of food at a banya, and it takes an hour. This is an extremely tedious time for a toddler, and he will squirm on his chair in an attempt to escape.

It is not a situation where you can enjoy your meal because you are distracted by other things. And if the price is too high, you can’t order it without hesitation. My child doesn’t eat fish anyway. (Due to concerns about food allergies, we are very limited in eating out at this time.)

Introduction to today’s fish.

There are many, but when I look at the “Sashimi Six-Piece Platter,” which I check as a benchmark every time I visit the restaurant, I see

horse mackerel, rock cod, tuna, sea bream, flatfish, flathead flounder

It was composed of the following. It is hard to say, but it was a simple composition.

In Banya, dishes using tuna are often present, but are they landed at the fishing port in front of the restaurant? Of course, there is no way that it is from inshore waters.

We entered the restaurant at approximately 10:00 a.m., and the main building was full.

The waitress instructs me to go to the new building. Whoa, I have been eating at the main building recently, but it’s been a while since I’ve been at the new building.

Even though it was winter, there were still many customers. By the way, the restaurant was fully booked by 11:00 a.m., and there was a long waiting line at the entrance. If you want to have a comfortable meal at this restaurant, it is better to visit at “a subtle time that can neither be called breakfast nor lunch.

Self-serve tea machines, teacups and cups are lined up. This has not changed since the old days.


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