My partner Ishi made a “scoop cake” for me.

I was so busy with work that when my birthday came, I had nothing to prepare for it. It is a little strange for me to prepare for my own birthday, but it is mainly my job to decorate the house and prepare meals for the events of the four seasons.

I thought Ishi, a woman a year younger than me, would be more open to surprises and excitement, especially at the beginning of our relationship. Especially in the beginning of our relationship. But I soon realized that I was more interested in such decorations than I thought.

I don’t hang “Happy Birthday” decorations on the living room wall or flutter decorations from the dining room ceiling to surprise my partner. It is more about me. If I didn’t do these things, I would be starved for daily stimulation.

So I still decorate my room late at night the day before my birthday, saying to myself, “This is a hassle,” or “I really don’t want to do this,” but I do it.

But I still decorated the room late at night the day before my birthday. I was going to start baking a cake for myself if I didn’t do this. And it would be late at night, after work and housework, when my birthday was over.

I had never heard of a “scoop cake. Ishi told me it was something easy to make. I didn’t know what it was, but I decided to ask her.

She made it in about 15 minutes that day.

The cake was in a large resin container that may have originally contained kimchi.

When I asked her about it, she replied, “When we eat it, we use a big spoon to share it without worrying about the shape it takes when we put it on a plate. That’s why we call it a scoop cake. I see what you mean.

When I actually took a piece of the cake, I found that the inside was sponge cake…well, not sponge cake, but sponge cake with whipped cream layered on top of each other. The surface was sprinkled with sliced fruit and strawberries that I had bought at the supermarket.

I thought that was an interesting idea. I see, if you put a cake in a bowl like this, it becomes much less difficult to make. Both physically and psychologically.

The fruit that covers the surface of the cake is especially beautiful. Only a scoop cake, still in its container, can be filled with such a large amount of fruit.

I am grateful to the woman who took time out of her busy schedule to make this cake, and I am grateful to her for her idea and love. We enjoyed the cake with gratitude for her idea and love.



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