Oh shit, I can’t remember.

I came across a German bread shop called “MAHL ZEIT”. It is located in a corner of Bunkyo-ku.

I think the German language is very powerful for Japanese people. The name of the store sounds very powerful.

The name of a German bread shop in the same Bunkyo Ward is “Bäckerei Thüringer Wald,” so this one sounds even stronger. The atmosphere is such that you would have to increase your own experience and reach level 100 to win.

The sign in the shop said: “The taste reminds me of the best bread in Europe.

Hmmm, I have never been so extravagant as to remember the finest breads. And I was not born into an aristocratic family. It is not only me, but also all the neighbors of this shop.

But the uniqueness of this shop is that it uses such a slogan.

What is more interesting is that on the back of the sign with this slogan, it says, “Local wheat, Hakushu water. Apparently, they are not particular about German or European ingredients.

Not sure if I could remember the best quality, I bought a loaf of bread on a stick, like Italian grissini, sold by the piece, and took it home as a souvenir.

I tried it at home and it reminded me of Italy.



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