I had the aptly named ramen at a restaurant called “Kamo to Negi”

Near Okachimachi Station on the JR Yamanote Line, there is a ramen restaurant under the guard. I am not an expert on ramen, but whenever I passed by the restaurant, I always wondered what this restaurant was about because there was always a line.

The name of the restaurant is “Kamo to Negi.

From the name, you know, “Oh, this is good. I see, they made duck into ramen. And with a lot of leeks.

There is a saying in Japan, “A duck comes with a leek on its back. If a tasty duck comes here with a leek on its back, you can make a duck stew and eat it right away. In other words, it means things are going according to plan.

Duck and leek go so well together that they are used as a metaphor. Since the name of the ramen restaurant is derived from these two ingredients, it is no wonder that the ramen is delicious.

But I thought, “I don’t want to wait in line to eat there,” so I always passed by.

One day, however, I learned that the same restaurant existed near Sugamo Station. Thanks to Google Maps, which has now become my most powerful gourmet website.

I went to “Kamo to Negi” near Sugamo station to try it, and there was no line, even though it was lunchtime. It was hard to believe that it was the same restaurant. Fortunately, I decided to have lunch there before the line formed.

According to the sign, this restaurant makes its ramen soup with only “duck, leek, and water”. There is no doubt that the duck meat is delicious, but it seems to be very difficult to get enough richness from the duck to make ramen soup. I have a feeling that it will take more time and effort than making soup from pork bones.

Duck Ramen.

I couldn’t help but groan. “Sure, here comes the duck with the leeks!” I thought.

The soup is good. The noodles are good. The roast duck is good. Even the leeks are good. Everything was so good that I would have drunk all the soup if I didn’t have to worry about my health.

The taste was surprisingly good, but there was no lingering aftertaste. I even remembered later, “Oh yeah, I had duck ramen for lunch today.

I would like to eat there again.



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