Thinking in Chinese restaurants, limiting choices and freedoms in life

For a long time, this restaurant has been known in the neighborhood for its “cheap, fast, and large portions.

At lunchtime, there is always a long line of customers.

The fact that there is a long line of customers for a restaurant that “takes such a short time to serve” shows how prosperous it is.

The daily lunch price used to be 700 yen. It went up to 750 yen at one point, then to 780 yen, then to 830 yen around 2022, and when I visited this time, it was 880 yen. I was surprised by the rate of inflation.

Also, the portion of rice has become smaller. In the past, if you did not say, “Less rice!” the rice would be served in a large portion from the beginning.

Even at 880 yen, this amount is acceptable these days. It is not very expensive. In fact, there are probably more Chinese restaurants in Tokyo that charge 880 yen and less.

I think it was more than 10 years ago that the price of lunch was 700 yen. It is a very old story, but compared to that time, the price of lunch is 125% of what it used to be. On the other hand, my salary has not increased by 125%. Unfortunately, this lunch has moved to a relatively high class position for me compared to the past.

Lately, my excitement about eating out has decreased drastically. I think that the “pain in the wallet” I feel when I pay for a meal is not balanced by the satisfaction I get from the meal.

I don’t think the insensitivity is just caused by rising prices. I am about to turn 50 myself, and worrying about what will happen to me in my old age is tightening my purse strings. I also worry about my two-year-old child, and I can no longer allocate resources to my own diet because I am so concerned about things related to my child.

When I observe these internal changes in myself, I think to myself, “Of course the birth rate is decreasing and the number of unmarried people is increasing in this age. I am satisfied with my marriage and having children, but on the other hand I feel that my psychological freedom, not to mention my behavioral freedom, has been narrowed. If you are worried about this inconvenience, marriage is an event that you cannot think positively about.

I was thinking about this while eating Chinese food.



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