Failed topping experience at a curry and rice chain restaurant: 1,360JPY in psychological damage

I went to a curry and rice restaurant that is part of a chain.

I thought the prices were not that high. So I added a large portion of rice or soup to my meal, and when I paid the bill, it was much more than 1,000 yen. To be exact, it was 1,360 yen. That’s expensive.

Of course, it is a curry with lots of vegetables and thick pork cutlets, and the quality is such that it is strange to complain about the price. I think it’s wonderful.

Still, it is mentally damaging to accidentally pay 1,360 yen at a chain of casual fast food restaurants.

The meal ticket vending machine is really a well-designed system. With the latest touch panel type meal ticket machines, you can easily add toppings to your meal without feeling guilty. Of course, since you are paying in advance, you can check the price before the ticket is issued and cancel your order. However, it is hard to give up the mind that decided to add toppings, so it is hard to go back even if you think, “That’s too expensive, I asked for too much.

It’s delicious, but I’m not convinced. Fast food at those prices.

I was surprised at how quickly children’s fads go out of style.



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