According to the “Seasonal Calendar” it’s February and we’re having lemon pie.

We have a book called “Seasonal Calendar” in our house.

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Ishi said, “I want to bring a sense of seasonality into our home. I bought this book because I want my son Takeh to know what is in season.

In the book, there are seasonal foods, fish, and events for each of the 12 months.

We live in an air-conditioned house and a grocery store that sells a wide variety of fruits and vegetables regardless of the season. Therefore, I consciously try to bring the “season” into our home. If I don’t, I will spend my days in idleness and end up spending the rest of my life in idleness.

I thought that by buying this book, our home would be filled with seasonal meals and events. In reality, however, she has been so busy that she has done little to put anything into practice after reading this book. I have no choice but to practice what is written in this book from time to time.

The “season” is sometimes a strange mixture of things. For example, when I read the February entry, it says “baked cheesecake. Why is that in February?

When I asked Ishi about it, he said, “I don’t think it’s a bad idea. It’s a good way to remind people that it’s time to eat baked cheesecake,” he says. That’s true.

So we can decide, in our own way, that “pork chops are in season in January. Even if we do not usually eat pork cutlets, if we remember that January is the month of pork cutlets, it will be “in season.

Now, when I looked at the “season” of February, I found a description of “lemon cake. Wow.

It is true that the fruit lemon is in season in winter. However, I was surprised to see “lemon pie,” a dish made with lemons, listed as a seasonal food.

Lemon pie is an unlikely dish. Looking back at the display cases of the pastry shops I know, I don’t think they sell lemon pie.

Upon further investigation, I found that there is a shop near Asakusa called “Yogashi Lemon Pie,” which is exactly what the name implies. I went there and bought a lemon cake.

A pie with lemon cream and meringue on top of the pie crust. It felt a little strange to eat a Western pastry to enjoy the Japanese season, but I tried it and was satisfied. Yes, this is the food of February. It has to be.



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