I had “duck meat” at “Xiao Wei Ya Bo” Shop.

I have been going to “Xiao Wei Ya Bo (小魏鴨脖脖店)”, a gruff Chinese restaurant in Nippori from time to time.

ガチ中華で何を頼むかマジ悩む【シャオウェイヤボー】 出張で東京を訪問中の友人と、会うことになった。 「帰りの新幹線までの時間調整」ということで、さくっと。 我が家は、新幹線駅から遠くないところに家があり、なんな...

This restaurant mainly serves “Ru Wei(滷味)”, a dish of meat and vegetables stewed in soy sauce and Chinese spices.

Although the seasoning is not to the Japanese palate, I like it because I can easily order it from a tablet on the table. Sometimes I bring friends to this restaurant.

I wonder what “duck meat” is in the name of the restaurant. I have been to this restaurant many times and even used it through Uber Eats, but I had completely forgotten about its existence.

So when my brother and I went to the Ueno Zoo, we went to this restaurant and ordered “duck meat”.

What came out was a mysterious piece of meat. This is interesting. I had never seen that part before. It was the neck of a duck.

I was surprised to see such a long part of a duck’s head! I was surprised, but it would be a waste not to eat it since it is such a long part of the duck. Of course I would eat it.

However, the Japanese, who have eaten chicken, duck, and pheasant, do not have the custom of eating bird’s neck. The reason is probably that it is not very tasty.

It is probably the same in other countries. Think of rotisserie chicken. The neck is cut off from the root. It is as if the neck was never there. This is evidence that Westerners did not recognize it as a place to eat.

So I tried to eat the neck of this duck. Because of the bones in the neck, there are not many edible parts. So I had to eat it with difficulty.

It is not very tasty for the effort. I don’t think this part is bad, but you have to be prepared for the “bitterness”, which is a bit different from the Japanese taste. My niece stopped eating it after the first bite, saying it was not good for her palate.

Adults can eat it and say, “Well, this kind of taste and texture is interesting. But children would not like the taste.

Although “滷味” is not yet familiar to Japanese people, it will probably become more popular, and in 10 to 20 years I think it will become a common taste among Japanese people. This is the same story of how the taste of pakuchi used to be crazy to the Japanese, but now it has taken root.



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