The bread and the schnitzel are huge. The satisfaction and agony that Costco’s schnitzel sandwiches bring.

Whenever I visit the prepared foods section at Costco, I am always excited about a new product.

If these same delicious meals were sold in the bento section of a grocery store, I probably wouldn’t pay much attention. But at Costco, you stop and say, “Wow! I stop and look at it.

It is because the volume of the food is so large. And because the ingredients are big.

It’s big! Wow! I think the surprise is the driving force behind the “I want one! I think that is the driving force behind the “I want it” feeling. We come to Costco to be surprised at how big they are. We come to Costco to be surprised. We are so prepared to be surprised that when we see a new product, we are overly surprised and want to buy more than we need.

Also, when we come with a group of friends, we buy the new product because we think, “Even if it’s a large quantity, we can share it. It is unclear who takes responsibility for their purchases.

One of the items I bought that day was a pork cutlet sandwich with an extra thick pork cutlet in between. Look at the effect. As soon as I saw it, I thought, “I’m going to be so happy when I eat this! I thought. It is rare to see a pork sandwich with such a huge amount of pork. The total amount is amazing, and the size of each slice is amazing. Everything was amazing.

But my excitement only lasted until I bought it and put it on the dining room table.

My excitement only lasted until I got it and put it on the dining room table because I was pretty full after eating one piece. Not only the cutlet, but also the bread is thick, so one slice is enough to satisfy me.

This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Because on the way home from Costco, we said to ourselves, “Well, now we’re going to eat the food we just bought! We’re going to eat all the food we just bought! We are ready for a feast. But it was a complete surprise to find that our enthusiasm for eating all kinds of food was spoiled by a single slice of that pork cutlet sandwich.

I also became calm after eating this pork cutlet sandwich and thought that food doesn’t have to be big to be good. The bread, pork, and vegetables are all so thick that they can stand on their own in your mouth. Thanks to that, I didn’t feel like I was eating a “sandwich. It was as if each ingredient was fighting for territory in my mouth.

Everyone ate the big pork sandwich in silence, then said “I see” in unintelligible agreement, and the rest of the sandwich was wrapped up to take home and put in the refrigerator.



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