The 70x spicier curry you should order in Ethiopia! Its deliciousness and bitter regret

I was in Akihabara just in time for dinner.

About 30 years ago, there were no restaurants in Akihabara. It was a place where all the interest was in home appliances and electrical components, not appetite. Now it has transformed into a place where there is no shortage of places to eat.

Maid cafes have sprung up, and the sidewalks along Chuo-dori Avenue are lined with cute girls soliciting customers every few feet. Akihabara is still an otaku town, but the proportion of women has increased due to the fact that the business caters to otaku, and there are many beautiful women.

However, regular restaurants and bars close early, except for bars. So if you are relaxing in Akihabara at night, you will miss dinner.

This time I decided to have dinner at Ethiopia, a famous curry restaurant located just outside the ticket gate of Akihabara Station.

Originally located in Kanda, this restaurant is famous for its spicy curry and is very popular among spicy people. Whenever I visit this restaurant, I always order the hottest “70 times hotter” curry. This time, after several years since my last visit, I broke my old habit and ordered the 70 times hotter curry. Before ordering, I asked myself, “Is it necessary to make it hot? I asked myself, “Do I have to make it spicy?

I was so excited that I said, “Yes, let’s order 70 times hotter curry!” I ordered a large portion of rice because I wanted to be full. I didn’t order a large portion because I wanted to be full. I order a large portion because I want to stimulate myself. It is the same logic when I order spicy food. I want to feel refreshed after eating.

The 70-times-hot curry, which I hadn’t had in a while, was still hot. But I thought it would be good to eat spicy food once in a while to refresh myself. Instead, as expected, I had a stomachache the next day, which was a bit painful.

Still, I think the satisfaction of eating a delicious curry was worth the stomachache.

If you have never tried Ethiopia’s 70-degree hot curry, I highly recommend that you do so. There are many spicy curries in the world, but I can’t think of one that hurts so much that you feel like you’re being punished. In the case of Ethiopian curry, however, the pain is so intense that you feel like you are being punished. However, in the case of Ethiopia, the spiciness of the curry is relatively low (Okaden’s personal opinion).

I think a normal portion of rice is enough. I hope you will enjoy the delicious curry without worrying about whether or not to eat a large portion, as I did.



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