Still persistently baking Taiwanese sponge cake

I bake “Taiwan sponge cake” about once a month.

I have been doing this for more than half a year. I never thought of making anything elaborate.

I have always used Sharp’s “Hot Cook,” an electric oven that cooks automatically, and I have never used an oven or changed the ingredients, toppings, or flavors.

Taiwanese sponge cake is simple in both ingredients and process. Therefore, you can feel a sense of accomplishment without spending much time and effort. That is why I make these sweets.

Also, the fact that my family enjoys eating them is a great source of encouragement. They are happy many times more than the amount of effort I put in.

However, the price of chicken eggs is very high these days.

This is due to high global commodity prices, the weak yen, and the bird flu epidemic that swept through Japan this winter, resulting in the mass slaughter of chickens that lay eggs.

The price of eggs, once considered an excellent commodity, has risen by 1.5 to nearly double the price of the past.

Taiwanese sponge cake is a pastry made mainly of eggs. When I make it, I use six chicken eggs at a time. It is true that it is much cheaper to make your own cake than to buy one in a store. Still, I hesitate to use six eggs at a time.

The Taiwanese sponge cake made under such mixed feelings was quite good.

A truly delicious Taiwanese sponge cake has a squishy texture in the mouth.

It has a fragile quality that is quite different from a cake that is baked and hardened by air bubbles created by forcefully blowing it up with baking powder. This is the charm of Taiwanese sponge cake.

Unfortunately, however, the Taiwanese sponge cake I make is not very delicate because of the simplified method of making it. I felt that I still had a lot of training to do.



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