[Off-line meeting announcement] Hot and Spicy Gourmet Ekiden 2022 (From August 31 7 meetings in total)

【公式】刺激と旨辛FES 「刺激と旨辛FES」公式サイト。「明治プロビオヨーグルトLG21presents 刺激と旨辛FES」8/25(金)〜10/2(月)大久保公園特設会場にて初開催!

The “Hot and Spicy Gourmet Festival,” which was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to the Corona, is back in 2022. And on a much larger scale.

I still think we can certify this year as another crazy (in a good way) case.

This AWAREMI-TAI OnTheWeb has been going to the event since its inception (2013) and has been relentlessly eating food from all the restaurants except those that are no longer in business.

Its history is fully documented in the following pages, which will make your eyes prickle with nearly 100 hot and spicy dishes, with too many red pictures.

“Please make it the hottest.” The hot days of the hot gourmet food festival.”Pl... Coffee labeled "low sugar" is not to be trusted. There are many cases of people saying "it's too sweet" after drinking it. The same goes for "hot" and "super...

Enough is enough, give me a break, I think every year. It went on until one of us made a sound, and in 2020 and 2021 there was no tie or greatness, and OnTheWeb won.

But 2022 didn’t allow it, and drew a new rule of irregular play: 42 stores, and the stores that are open are irregular in duration and are replaced piecemeal.

Previously, the event was usually held in the same store for six days, and then closed for one day to allow for a change of stores. So if I went to the event once a week, I could conquer all the stores that were open that week. But this year that is not the case.

Every year I blurt out, “The organizers, they’re trying to kill us…” Every year I blurt out, “The organizers, they’re trying to kill us…” This year it’s the same development again.

Not “a total of 42 shops”. It’s “42 restaurants. There are also some restaurants that are not really hot and spicy restaurants, but just plain hot and spicy. That is one of the joys of the restaurant.

However, Corona has not converged and I am not sure if I can really go out and eat because of my own changed environment (telecommuting, having a 1 year old).

If I say, “I’ll go if I can,” I’m sure I won’t. So I will just make a plan as soon as possible.


No.scheduleHours.Target stores
Section 1Wednesday, August 31, 202211:00 – 12:007 stores
Section 2Wednesday, September 07, 202219:00 – 20:309 stores
Section 3Wednesday, September 14, 202211:00 – 12:005 stores
Section 3.5Thursday, September 15, 202212:00 – 13:003 stores
Section 4Wednesday, September 21, 202219:00 – 20:308 stores
Section 5Monday, September 26, 202212:00 – 13:004 stores
Section 6Thursday, September 29, 202219:00 – 20:307 stores

Based on the law that Saturdays and Sundays are very busy, and Fridays are also very busy since they are weekends, we assume that the event will be held “every Wednesday” as in the past. The reason why the 5th and 6th are irregular weekdays is to catch the stores that open irregularly.

Please refer to my spreadsheet for the store opening schedule.
(blue cells: dates of store openings, yellow cells: stores that will eat offline, red cells: stores where you finished eating)

However, it will be difficult for Okaden himself to attend the entire event. I am sure that everyone who is considering attending will feel the same way. That is why the offline meeting is called “Ekiden.

It is impossible to complete the race alone. Everyone should “join if you can,” eat at as many restaurants as you can, and pass the torch to the next person! That is why we are doing this.

Full participation is of course welcome, but we are also happy if you “only participate in the 2nd stage for the flowers” or “participate in the 6th stage because I am a mountain god”. Please help us a little at a time!

We also welcome solo runs, “I went and ate there by myself”, even outside the official schedule above. We would love to put together such information like pieces of a puzzle, and when we finally get to the point where we have eaten in 42 restaurants, we will be happy.


Special venue in Okubo Park, Kabukicho, Shinjuku


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