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Sections that have appeared and disappeared in AWAREMI-TAI OnTheWeb from 2000 A.D. to the present.

Observe the behavior of the buckwheat people 1999.12.31-2021.12.31 Updated

Just to enjoy Soba and drink sake. That’s what I like about it.

A record of observation of the behavior of Okaden, a man who eats buckwheat noodles.

In the winter of 2000, I started eating soba (buckwheat noodles), which I did not really like, simply because “buckwheat noodle restaurants serve alcohol in the daytime. From there, he became addicted to Soba, and the number of Soba restaurants he visited grew and grew until now.

The purpose of this corner is only to “observe the behavior” of the “soba-eating race (okaden)”. Therefore, the articles in this section are not a record of visits to soba restaurants. It is only a “record of Okaden’s behavior when he visited a soba restaurant. Therefore, the explanation of the “circumstances” leading up to entering the restaurant is longer than the introduction of the soba noodles and dishes.

A stroll through exploded art 2013.09.23-2021.07.01 Updated

A series of visits to museums and art galleries in Tokyo and other cities by Okaden, which began in 2013.

It is not a “heady, art knowledge to mount the other person” type, nor is it a self-absorbed “I understand art, I’m so cool” type. This is a memorandum of Okaden, a beginner in art, who looked around all genres of art in his ignorance.

I dreamed that by seeing so much art, I would be able to reach a new stage in my life. I dreamed that I would be able to move to a new stage of my life if I saw a lot of art, but I have not been able to release my worries until now.

美貌の盛り 2003.10.04-2017.11.21 updated

High and sometimes deep. A culinary aesthetic with all the possibilities.

This project was born out of a desire to encounter meals that are too good to eat, and that are wonderfully prepared. It does not have to be just a “big, merciless serving”. It might be a very beautifully decorated kaiseki meal or a beef bowl filled to the brim. In any case, I would like to introduce such a bowlful that touched the heartstrings of the editor, Okaden.

Inevitably, I think there are many opportunities to introduce “a bold and large serving”. However, it is not enough to simply have a large serving size. It must also have some kind of nobility/beauty. All-you-can-eat restaurants are also out of the question. Expensive and large portions are also out of the question. Even if you are a glutton, be beautiful. In this age of food boredom, we must have a sublime aesthetic.

Since there are already various specialized websites in this genre, we will not include any guidebook-like contents such as introductions of the restaurants themselves or their menus. We would like to create a corner where you can simply enjoy the beautiful style of food with your eyes.

DOGEZA Buffet 2000.08.12-2004.05.07 Updated

A record of a person who is not a big eater taking on a challenging menu and then being beaten down.

This is a section in which Okaden describes his challenge to eat a large meal and his suffering in the process. While it is interesting to read the victory reports of people who boast about their gluttony, it is also interesting to watch Okaden, who is a medium-level eater, eat his meal while dripping with fatty sweat.

Records from 2000-2004 when Okaden’s stomach was at its best. Currently complete.

Diet!?Diary 1998.01.18-1999.03.24 Updated

On November 30, 1997, he surpassed 104 kg in weight.

It all started here… This is the story of Okaden’s dramatic weight-loss and his abandonment of the diet over the course of a year or so.

This is an in-depth diary of Okaden’s food and lifestyle, conducted quietly before “recording diets” were recognized around the world.